Movies, Illustration and Content Development

Entera Health engaged Bodell Medical Media to help promote and explain EnteraGam – a medical food product for treating IBS and Crohn’s disease (conditions that affect more than 50 million Americans). Two three-minute animations were developed to communicate with both consumers and healthcare professionals.

Entera Health is a medical and nutritional ingredient company dedicated to improving the quality of life and vitality of people worldwide through their use of plasma proteins. Their mission is to partner with global consumer health and wellness manufacturers, to provide innovative ingredients that improve the purity and potency of their nutritional brands.

Bodell Medical Media helped Entera Health tell the story of its product by illustrating the disease process of intestinal enteropathy and EnteraGam’s mechanism of action for a scientific white paper. These illustrations served as concept development for the first of the two animated movies below.

For the animation projects, Scott Bodell served as creative director, developed script and storyboards, designed all models and scenes, and directed all animation production.

EnteraGam: Breaking the Enteropathy Cycle

This movie describes intestinal enteropathy for the consumer audience before diving deeper into the science to explain how EnteraGam works to help the gut wall heal itself. 2D motion graphics from the introduction were used to produce a separate consumer information video, released in English and Spanish.

Storyboard frames below show the first steps from science toward storytelling through scene design and motion.

EnteraGam: Tight Junctions and the Intestinal Gut Barrier

The “gut barrier” is a 5-part protective structure in the intestinal wall. It keeps toxic waste products inside the intestine. Enteropathy disrupts the barrier to cause the problems presented in the first movie. This movie provides a simplified, yet accurate depiction of the gut barrier and focuses on the structure and function of the tight junction complexes, which connect adjacent epithelial cells.

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